Self-regulation is the ability to control our thoughts, feelings, and actions. As adults, we usually exhibit good self-regulation abilities. After all, self-regulation stops us from cutting in line at the supermarket, even though our shopping trolley contains a child on the brink of a meltdown. It keeps us from snatching the latest iPhone from the mum at the playground just because we want one, too. And it also motivates us to clean the kitchen when what we really feel like doing is going to bed!

In Kindermusik, we use music and movement to help children learn to tell their bodies what to do, when to stop, when to go, and when to move to another activity. So, when we play the “Stop & Go” game, participate in the “Bwana Awabaricki” circle dance, transition from one activity to another, and even share instruments, your child is learning and practising self-regulation skills. Those same skills will help your child pay attention in school, act and behave appropriately, and maybe even one day help you clean the kitchen.

Everyday connection: Freeze Dance Twist. Dance to your favourite music from class. Take turns pausing the music. When the music stops, stop dancing. When the music plays, start dancing again! Then switch the actions. Stop dancing when the music plays and dance when the music stops.