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In Class

Children from newborn-3 years of age must come accompanied by a participating adult. In the interests of safety and comfort, there is a ratio of 1 adult: 1 child. If there are visiting family members or a special reason requiring extra people to attend, please contact and discuss with your educator in advance. Please leave toys, food and drink etc. if possible out of sight for the duration of the class.

Non-enrolled Siblings

It is ideal for a parent to bring only the enrolled child(ren) to class in order to give full attention to that child. Older siblings in baby classes is not recommended for safety reasons. If classes are full we are unable to accomodate extras. Emergency exceptions are considered; please call your educator in advance for approval or a make-up class may be required.

If Your Child Is Sick

If your child has a fever, please wait until he/she is fever-free for 24 hours before returning to class. If your child has suffered a stomach bug or has thrown up within the last 24 hours please keep them at home. If your child has a severe cough, thick nasal discharge, rash or conjunctivitis please let them rest at home.


Payment of fees are worked out by how many classes and Digital Home Materials there are in the academic year and divided up by the months by Direct Debit. (You are not charged for holidays).

Makeup Classes

Should you need to miss a class, simply give us a call or email to see if you can make it up. This applies to age-appropriate classes that have available space, within the academic year only. Our number one goal is to maintain a quality experience for everyone, therefore we carefully monitor the number of visitors in each class. To that end, please be aware that make-ups not scheduled in advance may be turned away at the door.

Withdrawal Policy

If enrolment must be cancelled, please let us know 1 month in advance. If notice is received after the 1st of the month, the tuition for the current month will still be charged, but the materials will be yours to keep and enjoy. For any classes you are unable to attend, there is no cash value and they cannot be transferred to the enrolment of a sibling. You may, however, make them up prior to the end of your enrolment. Should you decide to withdraw for a period of time, your space cannot be held. In this case, you are better to keep your space and make up the classes you will be missing.

Snow Days

There will be no classes if the school councils cancel school, no refunds and no make-ups available.

Privacy Policy

We keep your personal information private and secure. We use this information to process your registrations, to provide relevant information to your child’s teacher so she can meet his or her needs, and to keep you updated on news, events, and special articles of interest about Kindermusik and relevant community events. We will not sell, rent or loan your personal information to any third parties.

Making the most of your Kindermusik classes

You have made a financial investment in our programme, and we want to be sure you know how to get the full value out of your sessions. The most important thing that you can do for your child during class is be an active and patient role model. Don’t be discouraged if your child appears not to be participating as you would wish. They will be absorbing information and this absorption may be evidenced at home first of all rather than in the class setting. You and your child will benefit enormously from the Kindermusik experience, especially if you make use of your At Home Materials exploring them together which will help to build your child’s confidence and positively influence their class experience. Make a note of the many FREE opportunities and resources available to you as a Kindermusik family, such as online articles and downloads, and special occasions (for bringing a friend, or making up a missed class).