See what our families are saying about Kindermusik

Nikki, Mum from Burgess Hill

Professional, fun, educational sessions run by highly experienced staff. The kids love them and always look forward to going.

Hannah, Mum of Felix (9), Beatrice (7) and Lawrence (3) from Haywards Heath

All three of my children have attended Kindermusik classes and the younger two still attend. I think the classes are brilliant and my only complaint is that they stop at the age of 7! I am a semi-professional musician myself, highly critical of music classes and I did a lot of research when Felix was little.

Kindermusik are by far the best and really teach music skills rather than simple nursery rhymes. The children learn to listen to different types of music from all over the world but also noises (such as animals) and even silence! Jan and Scott are both lovely and caring even beyond the class itself.

They help Mums with young children with lack of sleep in their caring manner and adapt to the behaviour and personalities of the individual children. It is great to have Scott as a male role model too. All in all, the classes are great, the kids love listening to the CDs in the car and I recommend KindermusikbyJan without hesitation, they are great.

Rachel, Mum of Lara (4) and Ruby (6) from Burgess Hill

I heartily recommend Kindermusik. Both my girls have been going to Kindermusik with Jan and Scott since they were each three months old. Jan and Scott make people feel so at ease and are both very special people. The girls and other children adore them. The classes are interactive and teach the children so much about music and singing.

The home materials are great including CDs, story books and musical instruments from drums, bells and progressing to glockenspiels as they get older. These all really help the children make the most of the classes as they can hear the songs at home and really get to know the music. You even get to keep the instruments so over the years you collect a range over the classes.

The classes are not cheap but are certainly worth it and the more you put in with your children, the more they and you will get from it. The new church location is great too and parents can build a good social network in the café which is a bonus. For any parents thinking about joining Jan’s or Scott’s classes, I’d say “just do it, they are amazing.

Margaret, Mum of Charlotte (8) and Sophia (3 3/4) from Hurstpierpoint

Kindermusik is excellent; I have been to the classes for over seven years with my daughters. Charlotte started when she was a year old and she has learnt to read music effortlessly (and without knowing it), made friends for life, grown in confidence, and learnt so much by socialising and being exposed to new experiences.

She is now playing the piano and I believe that has come as a logical progression through the Kindermusik classes. All the teachers are wonderful and aim to meet the needs of all the class; Jan in particular is amazing with the children. Jan is very special and makes the children feel special too. Scott is brilliant with the older children. Both Jan and Scott listen to parents’ feedback. Even when pressed I can’t think of any improvements. The classes are now in lovely new accommodation, in a good accessible location, with parking.

The classes may cost a little more with the inclusion of the course materials, but these play a very important part, as the music is more diverse, being selected from around the world. Hence, being able to listen to the music and reading the books at home positively reinforces the classes in an enjoyable and helpful way. The classes are fun, yet educational on many levels. They provide a fantastic nurturing environment in which to spend quality time with your smaller child, or sharing time with your more confident older child.

I highly recommend Kindermusik.


I cannot recommend this highly enough!!! Jan and Scott provide an amazing learning experience for babies, pre-school children and beyond (oh – and mums!).

Both my children have been to the classes from three months of age. Whether it is a coincidence or not, many other children I know who have attended classes here seem to have much better speech far earlier than children their age – something to do with learning different pitches etc.

When I had my daughter I didn’t have a clue how to entertain her. With Kinder it’s not just about attending an age appropriate class for 45 minutes a week as you also get downloadable music and online activities to do with your children.

I can honestly say the music has saved my sanity on numerous car journeys – as soon as the music starts the crying and whinging stops! Mind you I have had some odd looks bursting into song at random times as the songs are very catchy!

Afterwards, there is a café’ and a play area for the children. I am still friends with mums I met on my frist class over 4 years ago.

Go and have a trial session and maybe I’ll see you there….