Our baby, toddler & preschooler music classes are a unique, highly creative, musical learning experience for children newborn to 7 years of age

Image of a mother, father and four children enjoying Kindermusik by Jan music classes for babies, toddlers & preschoolers

Children enjoy lots of singing, moving and chanting in Kindermusik by Jan classes. They play simple instruments such as chime bars and egg shakers and listen purposefully to a wide range of songs and stories. Our focus and emphasis is always that learning is the process, not the performance!

Our baby, toddler & preschooler music classes are all designed by early childhood education specialists for their specific age groups and developmental levels. So all of our classes are structured, yet fun encouraging individual development. In addition, we endeavour to strengthen group interaction skills between the children. We have also found our classes are a place where parents’ can make their first family friends.

Parents participating with their children in class enhances family bonding. Not just in class though. Members of our Kindermusik by Jan classes can further their music & movement play at home with either our Digital Learning Platform or Physical Home Materials.

Kindermusik children develop a unique understanding of music, movement and co-ordination. They also expand their language, critical thinking and social interaction skills. A “holistic” approach to child development, Kindermusik fosters age-appropriate learning in music, language, movement and listening.

Kindermusik can be a child’s first step toward creative, life-long learning. It is the only early childhood music programme with an international  network of over 6,000 licensed teachers worldwide.

Don’t miss out. If you’d like to try a TRIAL CLASS call us now on 07505 021453 or book online.

Image of a dog saying enrol now and children holding hands and smiling at Kindermusik by Jan music classes for babies, toddlers & preschoolers

Just to mention: when you enrol in any of our classes there are a few other perks! We have a good sized car park where there are usually quite a few spaces available. There is also a soft play area for the children to play before or after their class. The newly launched Home cafe offers a wide range of coffees, teas and snacks for you to enjoy whilst your children play.