COVID-19 Safety Measures

Actions Being Taken to Control the Risks

If you have been in close contact with anyone with Covid-19 or you are experiencing symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND – a new continuous cough, shortness of breath, a sore throat a loss of taste or smell, or a temperature of 100.4F or 38C within the last 48 hours. Make-up sessions can only be made online via ZOOM. If an adult or child displays symptoms while taking part in a Kindermusik session they will be sent home immediately and maintain social distancing while doing so.

All adults to wear masks.

Where possible families will bring each week a bag or container with a basic set of sounds. For all ages: egg shakers or a homemade container filled with rice or pasta, a colourful scarf or tea towel/flannel:  All ages except Cuddle and Bounce:  rhythm sticks/claves or wooden spoons…, bells or metal sounds/spoons/keys.. Any instruments or props we provide will be thoroughly cleaned and taken from a table or an individual container that has been disinfected. All props and instruments will be returned to the same individual containers and thoroughly cleaned before being used by the next person.  We would suggest not bringing in buggies for now,  unless you are walking to the venue.

Hand sanitisers will be provided in order to use before and after the session that does not contain methanol.

Families to sit on mats 2 metres apart in the room where the session is run. During all movement activities families will encourage to be 2 metres apart. Children under 3 will be unable to keep this social distancing but will be discouraged from freely touring around the area.

No holding of hands or physical contact between children or from one family to another.   The educator will have no physical contact between adults and children.

All windows will be kept open to increase ventilation.     

Arrive only 5 minutes before class and come in. We would discourage the use of the cafe before or after sessions except for the afternoon classes where parents need to wait. All children will remain with their parents when waiting in the cafe area and when taking part in their session.

There will be in use one way systems, separate entrances and exits to reduce the number of people crossing a given area.   Signs and markings to indicate the direction of movement.

There will be a scheduled minimum 30 minute gap between each lesson to ensure that only one group is in the building at the same time.
Class sizes will be organised to ensure that the 2 metre rule between families is strictly adhered to.

The classes are for pre-booked families only and the same families will meet each week   Families missing classes will only be able to make up sessions online via ZOOM.

In the case of an emergency eg. a fire, accident or a security threat people do not have to adhere to social distancing. All educators will be trained on risks and controls whilst in the venues.  

Parents will keep children’s coats, shoes etc. with them when dropping children off for their session. Try to keep buggies at home or in car.   

The room where the session is taking place will be thoroughly cleaned before sessions begin and after the sessions finish.  All surfaces touched during the session will be cleaned in between classes with an appropriate disinfectant that is safe around children and dealing with Covid-19. Toilets will be cleaned thoroughly before the beginning of the sessions and wipes will be provided for all surfaces touched after each visit. Thorough cleaning of the venue according to government guidelines will be maintained.

Assessment carried out by: Jan Holt

Date assessment was carried out: 29th July 2020

Date of next review: 1 September 2020