Watch your child blossom into a young musician for

Early Years and Key Stage 1 children’s music classes

for four and a half to seven year olds

‘She has made friends for life, grown in confidence, and learnt so much by socialising and being exposed to new musical experiences’

Margaret – parent of two, Hurstpierpoint


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             Young children will love to sing and dance and have fun exploring musical concepts, rhythm language and notation. Composing their own tune or make their own percussion instrument will gain them confidence and pride. We will learn about music from other cultures and appreciate the diversity in our world. Children will be eager for first experiences with musical instruments but are not yet ready for formal lessons and traditional music reading with an instrument. Glockenspiels, two-stringed dulcimers and recorders will be explored and will set them up for future music lessons with ease. Parents or caregivers are encouraged to attend the last 10 – 15 minutes of these children’s music classes.

Enrolment includes:

  • Activities for children ages 4 ½  to 7 years; caregivers attend the last 10 minutes

  • Two sets of Home Materials a year—Children’s folder with stickers and Music At Home cards, Family Songbook, instrument (wind, string, or pre-keyboard instrument depending on the semester), CD’s of class music, canvas bag (during first semester) and games bag

  • Use of café’, play area

  • £29 per month plus Home Materials

    A school boy in an orange t-shirt smiles holding a recorder he is just about to play. Behind him are musical notes and above him are lists of all the benefits of these children's music classes.

Your budding musician will develop a strong musical foundation from playing instruments like the glockenspiel, the dulcimer and recorder. In these children’s music classes, your child will learn music concepts, vocabulary, notation and even a bit of music history featuring some of it’s greatest composers! By exploring singing, rhythm and dance your child will reap all the amazing cognitive benefits that scientists have linked to music study. They develop a love of music that will serve them for the rest of their lives. We will also help you understand what your child is learning. Like all Kindermusik classes, we provide a ‘come as you are’ environment that welcomes every child and caregiver. We can’t wait to meet you!