Discover the joyful experience of Kindermusik Cuddle & Bounce

Baby Music Classes for Newborns to One year olds

‘…it has provided us with the support for my baby’s development and strengthened our bond. It has turned out to be one of the highlights of our week during my baby’s first year!’

Katherine, mum of one, Hassocks

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 Whether your baby is five weeks or five months, these 45 minute baby music classes are perfect for you! Filled with age-appropriate activities for newborns, infants and crawlers, these parent-child music and movement classes will help you strengthen those early parent-child bonds. Furthermore, you will enhance your child’s development as well as your communication with your baby.

When attending Cuddle & Bounce you will enjoy instrument play, dance, exploration and together time. In addition, you’ll receive expert advice and parenting resources based on the most recent research in baby development.

Enrolment includes:

  • Developmentally appropriate activities for parents and babies, Kindermusik@Home Digital Home Materials, including music from classes, ideas for home use and it’s benefits
  • Use of café, play area
  • £28 per month

A newborn baby doing tummy time whilst playing with her musical instrument along with a list of benefits for baby music classes for your child.

You can see all the benefits for baby music classes with everything from enhancing their cognition to their physical development. So come join us for baby music classes, Cuddle & Bounce and be made to feel welcome in a place filled with music, movement and play, that will get your baby smiling and stimulate their amazing, developing brain.

Your baby will bounce to a steady beat, play peekaboo, get some tummy time and even make a friend in the mirror. They’ll hear  symphony of sounds; be introduced to sign language; experience musical rhythms and instruments; build physical co-ordination; and muscle strength and squeal with anticipation as they hop, swish and zoom in your arms.

Along the way we’ll help you understand what your baby is learning in each activity. We will also show how to brighten up your every day routines at home.

Like all Kindermusik classes, Cuddle and Bounce welcomes every baby and every caregiver. This is partly due to our “come as you are” environment and partly because we just can’t wait to meet you!