Kindermusik by Jan is a family business that’s been running in Burgess Hill since 1998

and continues to offer music and movement classes of the highest quality from 0 – 7 year olds. Run locally in Mid Sussex, BURGESS HILL by Jan and Scott Holt, Kindermusik by Jan offers a unique and wonderful journey over 7 years from introducing first sounds and movements to babies, right through to teaching and developing real musicianship at primary school age.

Image of Jan Holt the Kindermusik By Jan teacher smiling and kneeling down showing the children in her class a picture of crabs playing and a soft toy crab too.

Jan Holt

I discovered Kindermusik in 1991 while being part of an Academy of Performing Arts in Cambridge, Ontario where I was performing and writing musicals. Straight away, I loved the programme. The creative and joyful way music was bring introduced to families in sessions as well as at home was the first thing I recognised. I loved how Kindermusik provided the possibility of a 7 year musical journey where children could have endless opportunities and go on to have a lifelong love of music.

There is not a time I can remember when music wasn’t a part of my life. Whether it was listening to my father play the piano, hearing my mother singing in the kitchen or playing her favourite opera music was always around us. Christmas gatherings were special times. My grandparents would bring the banjo and guitar and we would all sing our favourite songs. I took piano exams up to grade 8 and learned to play guitar but discovered my greatest love was to sing.  

When I decided to pursue a career as a Junior school teacher I studied for my degree at Exeter University. I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to study voice. In my spare time I was singing as much as possible. This was in the Exeter University Singers and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society as well. When I graduated I took up a teaching post in Surbiton teaching music throughout the school, running recorder groups, choirs and entering local music festivals.

Being a parent of 4 children has been the most important role of my life. Music has brought so much joy into our lives. Something I am very thankful for. Bringing that same joy to other families is what I love most about teaching Kindermusik.


Scott Holt

Scott Holt

My first memory of enjoying music was at the age of 4. With my brand new guitar I spent numerous hours singing and recording my very limited repertoire. My passion for music has never stopped since. Eventually, I built up to take my Grade 8 piano and theory exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto achieving First Class Honours. Trumpet is another instrument I love to play. In Canada I regularly toured and performed with Concert, Stage, Jazz and Dixieland bands. I have also sung in choirs and have taken leading roles in musical theatre productions.

Studying theatre at York University in Toronto, Ontario and The Academy of Performing Arts in Cambridge, Ontario led me to become a founding member of Theatre & Company. There I was not only acting but was also involved with stage managing and teaching international students.

I have been Jan’s administrator for Kindermusik since she began in 1998. Within five years, I became a Licensed Educator. The training is fantastic as it gives you a real understanding of how children learn best. I love teaching the 3 – 5’s and the 5 – 7’s because the programmes are highly creative. They include a lot of improvisation and give children such a unique start to music and education.

A big thank you to my four children. You have helped give me the experience I need to work with young children!

Inger Paulsen 

Inger first discovered Kindermusik in 2011 where she really enjoyed the programme with both her children, Oscar and Emily who is at present in Young Child with Scott and in her words, ‘absolutely loving it’. Inger is originally from Germany, the country where Kindermusik as a programme was originally created and has always enjoyed travelling to different countries including Ireland where she was a Nanny looking  after triplets.    Inger’s enjoyment of Music began at school, playing the recorder and singing in the choir and later playing the guitar.  She gained her NVQ level 3 in child care and was able to continue her love of singing with the children in  a nursery setting giving her lots of experience with families with young children. We are so glad to have Inger, who is such a vibrant and caring educator  on our team at Kindermusik with Jan.